Drug Policy Forum of Massachusetts


Welcome to the Drug Policy Forum of Massachusetts. We are a non-profit, statewide organization supporting new approaches to drug control policy.

Current approaches to drug control have failed. Despite spending billions of taxpayer dollars, Massachusetts continues to have one of the highest rates of youth drug dependence in the country, drugs are less expensive and more pure, budgets for treatment and public health approaches and social services are being slashed, and thousands of Bay Staters are dying each year due to drug related illness and overdoses.

It's time for a change in Massachusetts -- we need to pursue policies that reduce the harms associated with both drug use and our current drug laws. With a state deficit projected in the billions, Massachusetts can no longer afford to continue the status quo.

DPFMA invites you to join us in creating much needed change in the Bay State. Drug policy reform intersects with many issues vital to a safe and healthy Massachusetts, including criminal justice, economics, public health, racial justice, women's rights, and students' rights, just to name a few.

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