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Public Policy Questions (PPQs)

Massachusetts Election Law allows citizens to place non-binding policy issues on the ballot in any State Senate or Representative District by obtaining a pre-determined number of signatures from individuals registered to vote in that targeted district. Public Policy Question, known as PPQs, afford voters the opportunity to communicate to their elected officials their opinions on any given policy issue.

DPFMA has used the PPQ system over the last nine years to show state officials that the people of Massachusetts are ready for reform. Additionally, PPQs prove that an official can support drug policy reform and not jeopardize their political career.

The Drug Policy Reform Community is now 45-0 on these local, non-binding referenda. Over one-third of the voters in Massachusetts have had the opportunity to weigh on marijuana reform, and every single town and city neighborhood has chosen reform. DPFMA continues to use this important tool and we did four successful medical marijuana initiatives in the state this year. See the Home page for more details.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Elections Division page on Public Policy Questions:



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