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December 15, 2003: Private School to Test Effect of Screening All Students for Drugs, Boston Globe

December 12, 2003: A Life Filled with Trauma, Springfield Republican by DPFMA Board of Advisor Ellen Miller-Mack

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November 9, 2003: New Bedford, Massachusetts Mayor Proposes New Voluntary Drug Testing Program at Schools, CBS Evening News (see attached)

October 17-23, 2003: Behind Closed Doors, Boston Phoenix

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November 17, 2002: Potent Pot Puts New Spin on Decriminalization Debate, Boston Herald

November 17, 2002: Marijuana Movement Rolls into the Mainstream, Boston Globe

November 3, 2002: Boxford faces question on marijuana law, Salem News

October 30, 2002: Question 4 on local ballot would decriminalize pot, Georgetown Record

October 24, 2002: Marijuana decriminalization would help law enforcement; local police disagree, The Gardner News

October 3, 2003: Question Aimed at Easing Pot Penalties, Dorchester Reporter

In 2002, the Bush administration spent more than $18.822 billion on the "War on Drugs."

The United States has locked up nearly a half a million people for non-violent drug offenses. We now have the largest prison population in the world.

In 2000, Massachusetts had the highest reported rate of illegal drug use in the nation. In 2001, there were over 14,000 adult drug arrests in Massachusetts, of which nearly 75% were for possession.

In 1999, minorities, who use & sell drugs at similar or lower rates than whites and who represent less than 20% of the state population, made up 54% of all state drug convictions, 80% of all mandatory drug convictions, and in Suffolk County, 89% of all school-zone convictions (imposing a mandatory minimum sentence of two years).

Research shows that decriminalizing marijuana in Massachusetts would save the state at least $24.3 million in law enforcement resources and would not lead to an increase in marijuana use.

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