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You can find the most recent DPFMA press releases below. (Please note that the releases are PDFs. They can be viewed with Acrobat Reader.)

July 15, 2005: First Trial of Great Barrington Drug Sting Defendants Has Begun:CCAJ Supporters Attend Trial to Support Defendants Facing Unjust Mandatory Jail Sentences

June 7, 2005: Supreme Court Ruling Preserves State Medical Marijuana Laws: MA Legislature to Hear Medical Marijuana Bill Today

June 6, 2005: Massachusetts Legislature to Hear Two Drug Policy Reform Bills: Medical Marijuana & Diversion from Jail to Treatment Bills in Committee

May 30, 2005: Citizens Demand Berkshire DA Capeless Change Countywide Charging Policies: DA’s Office Must Use Discretion in Charging Non-Violent Offenders With Mandatory Jail Sentences

 November 30, 2004: Massachusetts Groups Celebrate World AIDS Day by Breaking the Law: Advocates Demonstrate and Illegally Pass Out Syringes in Protest of Current State Law

October 27, 2004: COMMUNITY FORUM on MARIJUANA DECRIMINALIZATION: On November 2 the 3rd Plymouth Representative District, Including Hingham, Cohasset and Hull will Vote on a non-binding Marijuana Decriminalization Public Policy Question

October 20, 2004: COMMUNITY FORUM on MEDICAL MARIJUANA: On November 2 the Worcester and Norfolk Senate Districts will Vote on a non-binding Medical Marijuana Public Policy Question

October 18, 2004: COMMUNITY FORUM on MARIJUANA DECRIMINALIZATION: On November 2 the 6th and 12th Worcester Representative Districts will Vote on a non-binding Marijuana Decriminalization Public Policy Question

August 2, 2004: AIDS Doctors, Activists and Community Members to Demonstrate in Five Massachusetts Cities for Clean Syringe Availability: Open Air Syringe Exchange, Civil Disobedience and Information Sharing in Cities Hardest Hit by HIV/AIDS

May 20, 2004: New Look and Leadership for Mass. Drug Policy: Drug Policy Forum of Massachusetts Hires Seasoned Executive Director and Launches a New Website

January 22, 2004: The ACLU of Massachusetts and the Drug Policy Forum of Massachusetts Urge School Administrators and Parents to Reject President Bush's Call for Increased Student Drug Testing in State of the Union Address

December 1, 2003: Drug Policy Forum of Massachusetts Applauds Mayor Menino's Leadership on Over-the-Counter Sale of Syringes to Reduce HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C Transmission

November 25, 2003: On World AIDS Day, Massachusetts Citizens Decry Alarming Rates of HIV/AIDS in Springfield

November 20, 2003: Massachusetts Citizens & Experts Speak Out About the Pressing Need for Alternatives to Incarceration

October 10, 2003: U.S. Supreme Court Allows Medical Marijuana Ruling Protecting Doctor-Patient Relationship to Stand

October 7, 2003: Drug Policy Forum Calls on Governor Romney to Protect Sick & Dying Patients

October 22, 2002: New Report Finds: Decriminalizing Marijuana Possession Would Save Massachusetts $24 Million in Annual Law Enforcement Costs

In 2002, the Bush administration spent more than $18.822 billion on the "War on Drugs."

The United States has locked up nearly a half a million people for non-violent drug offenses. We now have the largest prison population in the world.

In 2000, Massachusetts had the highest reported rate of illegal drug use in the nation. In 2001, there were over 14,000 adult drug arrests in Massachusetts, of which nearly 75% were for possession.

In 1999, minorities, who use & sell drugs at similar or lower rates than whites and who represent less than 20% of the state population, made up 54% of all state drug convictions, 80% of all mandatory drug convictions, and in Suffolk County, 89% of all school-zone convictions (imposing a mandatory minimum sentence of two years).

Research shows that decriminalizing marijuana in Massachusetts would save the state at least $24.3 million in law enforcement resources and would not lead to an increase in marijuana use.

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